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We are your agent and partner network in radical transformations. Watertowine Oy is established 2007 to serve global and local organizations to transform their business mindset to born global and born digital.

We are serving enterprises, public organizations, startups and mixed industries. 

We combine practical expertise with academic knowledge as our modus operandi in the search for optimal results. We are growing rapidly case by case when open-minded transformational people are joining the network. One for all and all for one is the principle of open growth.

Our goal at Watertowine is to radically shake organizations' current mindsets to adapt transformations.

Managing and governing the big picture of change is our job. 

Right from the start we draw a big picture of the future by offering an in-depth description of your current stage. On the basis of that we pinpoint the ´possible, probable and the preferable´ futures and how immediate action can be taken to mitigate undesirable events that may affect the realization of your vision.

Through coaching and the use of structural measurement tools we
together follow the process monthly and yearly.

That's the job.

Markku Tapio Tuomola
Entrepreneur, Network Founder

I have been working as an entrepreneur, managing director, board professional and academic scholar for 30 years.

LinkedIn: Markku Tapio Tuomola



I love the moment when I see a transformation starting and network growing. That turns me on and I want to give all my expertise and enthusiasm to support the process. I am working wholeheartedly as a "company man" in every case.

At home I have my wife Jaana. We have together four adult children and one grandson. We are relaxing in Finnish archipelago with visiting family members, friends and dogs.


“We look forward to meeting you and your team / connections and realizing the transformation together! So what are you waiting for, let's connect and meet" 

Markku Tuomola, Entrepreneur, Network Founder, +358 400 520582

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