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Radical transformation is a phenomena where institutional mindsets revolutionally change. Structures and business objects are turning to subjects changing the world - and keep on changing themselves on the way.

Water can be turned into the wine.



You can see brightly today's world and have a vision of tomorrow. You can recognize that your organization's business model and structures are not supporting the way to the vision.

From where to start? Recruiting new people, coaching and helping current personnel to develop a new kind of mindset, changing structures or starting a change agent project?
The future is here tomorrow. It is different. It is born global and born digital in its every cell. Let's make it happen together ...




The change agents are the key tool of transformation. The mindset of the people is the key in achieving success.
In enterprise transformation processes individual business units can be chosen as change agents.
The role of top management is to recognize the agents, give them full support for a specified time and supply them correct measurement tools
The right initiative constellation makes transformation successful...



Right from the start we draw a big picture of the future by offering an in-depth description of your current stage. On the basis of that we pinpoint the ´possible, probable and the preferable´ futures and how immediate action can be taken to mitigate undesirable events that may affect the realization of your vision.

On the way we are using regular - monthly and yearly - checkpoints  in coaching sessions.

Earthquake sessions are used to wake up the mindset needed.

We are working as partners and consultants for top management and board. In special cases board membership for a certain period can also be included in the process.



Our goal at Watertowine is to radically shake organization's current mindset to adapt transformations.

Managing and governing the big picture of change is the job. At start we are drawing a big picture of the future, describing your current stage and the way to the future.

Through coaching and the use of structural measurement tools we together follow the process monthly and yearly.

That's the job.

“Even a fatally institutionalized structure can be transformed. The right tools, decisions and timing are crucial” 

Markku Tuomola, Entrereneur, Network Founder



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